5 Ways FidoCure Can Expand Your Veterinary Practice

Canine cancer is a heartbreaking diagnosis that affects millions of beloved pets worldwide. In fact, it’s one of the biggest unmet needs in veterinary medicine. As advancements in our field continue to evolve, FidoCure emerges as a groundbreaking solution, offering a revolutionary approach to treating canine cancer. By harnessing the power of genomic testing, FidoCure provides targeted therapies that are transforming the landscape of canine cancer care.

1- The Most Advanced Treatment Available

FidoCure stands at the forefront of innovative treatments, surpassing traditional methods like chemotherapy and radiation. Through genomic testing, FidoCure identifies specific genetic markers within a dog's tumor. These markers can be used to determine targeted therapies, maximizing the chances of successful outcomes while minimizing the potential side effects associated with broad-spectrum treatments.

2- Enhances Quality of Life 

Targeted therapies are typically less invasive and exhibit milder side effects compared to conventional therapies, making treatment significantly more comfortable for both dog and dog owner. Moreover, the administration of medicine can be performed comfortably at home, reducing stress for all involved. FidoCure has helped thousands of dogs exceed their initial prognosis and enjoy extra quality time with their families.

3- Simplicity in Practice

Implementing FidoCure into your veterinary practice requires no advanced training, nor does it require clinics to invest in expensive equipment. The convenience extends to analysis as well, as FidoCure can work with existing biopsies, avoiding the need for additional invasive procedures. This accessibility is particularly advantageous for clients who may face limitations in accessing specialized oncologists due to time constraints, the financial burden of additional appointments, or doctor availability.

4- Informs Future Cancer Cases (Both Dog and Human)

The data collected through FidoCure’s genomic testing is crucial to the ongoing fight against canine cancer. Findings from every case can be used to inform how future cases are handled. In fact, they can also shed substantial light on human cancer cases. Our dataset has revealed many similarities between canine and human oncogenes. The use of targeted therapies to treat canine cancers is inspired by their success in treating human cancers. In turn, FidoCure’s genomic sequencing can contribute to human cancer care and research. Our data has been published in two peer-reviewed journals, Nature - NPJ Precision Oncology and Scientific Reports

5- Boosts Revenue

FidoCure not only benefits canine patients and the field of oncological research, but also offers compelling advantages to veterinary practices. The simplicity and effectiveness of FidoCure makes it easier to see more patients and book additional appointments, ultimately increasing revenue. Additionally, by adopting FidoCure, your practice becomes a pioneer in offering a unique service that is not yet widely available in most clinics. This distinction can attract new clients seeking the most advanced treatments for their dogs’ cancer care.

FidoCure's cutting-edge approach to canine cancer treatment has transformed the lives of countless dogs and their owners. By embracing genomic testing and targeted therapies, we provide a more personalized and effective alternative to traditional treatments. With its ease of use, accessibility, and potential for increased revenue, FidoCure represents a remarkable opportunity for veterinary practices to elevate their cancer care services. Join the movement towards advancing canine cancer care with FidoCure.