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Canine Cancer Osteosarcoma Research

In our relentless pursuit of advancements in veterinary oncology, the FidoCure Team's research has taken center stage, offering an in-depth exploration into the realm of canine osteosarcoma. The use of real-world data and machine learning techniques promises to provide invaluable insights into the mutation patterns and treatment outcomes associated with this challenging condition.

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Veterinary Technician Week: Giveaway

Thank you to all the veterinary technicians who have helped us enroll over 4500 dogs on the FidoCure platform. We are so thankful for your partnership in fighting cancer on both ends of the leash! 

Enter below for your chance to win:

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5 Ways FidoCure Can Expand Your Veterinary Practice

Canine cancer is a heartbreaking diagnosis that affects millions of beloved pets worldwide. In fact, it’s one of the biggest unmet needs in veterinary medicine. As advancements in our field continue to evolve, FidoCure emerges as a groundbreaking solution, offering a revolutionary approach to treating canine cancer. By harnessing the power of genomic testing, FidoCure provides targeted therapies that are transforming the landscape of canine cancer care.

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How Genomic Testing Is Revolutionizing Canine Cancer Treatment

Cancer is one of the biggest unmet needs in the veterinary world, despite the fact that canine cancer research shares a great deal of overlap with human oncology. Genomic testing and targeted therapies have been used for years in human cancer treatment, so it’s not surprising that recent advancements in genomic testing have proven valuable in the field of canine cancer research and treatment. FidoCure, a leading pioneer in this field, is transforming the way veterinarians approach cancer treatment for our beloved canine companions. In this blog, we will explore the cutting-edge benefits of genomic testing and how FidoCure is revolutionizing canine cancer treatment while also providing much-needed support and hope for families.

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Delivering Difficult News: How to Talk to Pet Parents About Canine Cancer

As veterinarians, our work involves a wide range of emotions. We may experience the joy of treating a sick pet and seeing them recover, but we may also have to deliver the devastating news of a cancer diagnosis. It can be difficult to break such news to pet  parents who have a strong emotional bond with their dogs. However, as veterinary healthcare providers, it is our responsibility to help our clients through these tough times.

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No Dog Left Behind: Plan of Action to Address Drug Shortages

As you are likely aware, global supply chain issues are causing shortages of crucial raw drug ingredients needed to produce targeted therapy medications. These shortages are having a significant impact on the veterinary compounding pharmacy industry, and we know that you, your patients and pet parents are feeling the effects.

We want you to know that the FidoCure® team shares your sense of urgency and we are working hard to ensure that no dog is left without the cancer treatments it needs.

Providing access to life-saving therapies is one of our core values, and we are committed to putting you and your patients first.

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