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Fireside Chat with Dr. Len Lichtenfeld - Former Deputy Chief Medical Officer of American Cancer Society

Exclusive fireside chat with a distinguished trio of cancer experts: Dr. Len Lichtenfeld former Deputy Chief Medical Officer for the American Cancer Society (and FidoCure Scientific Advisory Board Member) with Dr. Gerry Post, Chief Medical Officer, FidoCure and Christina Lopes, CEO, FidoCure.
Hear first-hand about their 8-year journey together in the fight against cancer on both ends of the leash.
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What Every Veterinary Oncologist Needs to Know About Cancer Genomics

Genomics is fast becoming an essential part of veterinary oncology. It touches upon all aspects of practice, from diagnostics to therapeutics. Genetic information can be incredibly useful in terms of making a more accurate diagnosis or making a more precise prognosis, or even determining what therapy to use or what order to use different therapies.

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Unique Perspective: Cancer Biologist & Pet Cancer Parent

Dr. Elizabeth Iorns is a scientist whose research focuses on identifying mechanisms of breast cancer progression. She is a cofounder and CEO of Science Exchange, and she helped launch the Reproducibility Initiative. She was involved in the development of Olaparib, a targeted therapy directed at the BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutation, best known for its relation to breast cancer (and recently added to the FidoCure® platform).

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