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Undifferentiated Oral Malignancy Case Study

History and Treatment Planning

A 12 year old, neutered male Golden Retriever, underwent a dental prophylaxis procedure performed by his primary care veterinarian in June of 2021. At that time, no suspicious lesions or growths were noted. In October 2021, his family discovered a marble-sized growth in his mouth along the gum line of his left maxilla. The mass was visible from the outside of his mouth, and seemed to cause him irritation. At the time, it was bloody (perhaps from self trauma/stick chewing). Antibiotics were prescribed, but the dog quickly developed worsening clinic signs (nasal discharge, swelling, lethargy). 

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TCC Case Study: Sir Oliver

Sir Oliver, an 8 year old French Bulldog with TCC, is surviving and thriving thanks to his targeted therapeutic treatment4.5 months from FidoCure™ enrollment, Sir Oliver's latest CT scan showed a 38% reduction in his bladder tumor.

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Squamous Cell Carcinoma Case Study: Duchess

It is clear that the utilization of targeted therapy has proven beneficial in improving patient quality of life, extending survival time with minimal disease progression, and having an overall positive impact on patient care.

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Thyroid Carcinoma Case Study: Lulu

After more than 20 months of FidoCure® enabled treatment, Lulu has remained free from further metaseses. There has been no evidence of disease recurrence or pulmonary metastasis. Lulu has maintained a positive quality of life while in treatment and achieved extended time with her pet owners.

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Mesothelioma Case Study: Heidi

With combination therapy that included targeted therapy guided by  FidoCure® genomic sequencing, Heidi has survived over a year following her initial diagnosis of mesothelioma and is still going strong.

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