Celebrating 5 Years of Research at  AACR

FidoCure by the One Health Company and Stanford University Research Shared at AACR 2024 

We are excited to announce that our pioneering study on the PARP inhibitor, conducted in collaboration with the esteemed James Zou and his research team from Stanford University, was showcased by Dr. Lucas Rodrigues at the 2024 Annual Meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) held in San Diego, CA.

AACR is the focal point of the global cancer research community, and this is the fifth time FidoCure® research is being presented at this annual gathering of medical professionals in cancer science and medicine. 

Utilizing the FidoCure® Precision Medicine Platform, our research team, in collaboration with the Stanford AI Lab, discovered biomarkers linked to prognosis and treatment prediction, specifically with the PARP inhibitor olaparib, facilitating a smoother translation from laboratory findings to practical clinical use. Analyzing real-world clinico-genomic data from 1278 dogs with cancer revealed intriguing insights of specific targeted treatments developed for humans showing a positive prognosis when applied to canine tumors with specific genomic alterations. 

These findings underscore the potential of leveraging canine tumor models and clinico-genomic analysis to inform targeted treatment strategies, offering valuable insights for advancing precision medicine in both veterinary and human oncology. Further investigation into the association between TP53 mutation and olaparib response is warranted. The intriguing aspect lies in the role TP53 mutation has been linked in previous studies to heightened chromosomal instability and elevated HRD scores.

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