World Vet Day: Hear from Pet Parents

On World Vet Day, we wanted to express our heartfelt gratitude to all our veterinarians and vet techs who work with our dogs. In recognition, we asked FidoCure pet parents to nominate their vets and tell us why  they've made such an immense impact on the lives of their dogs.

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Luna, a dog treated by FidoCure's precision medicine platform. 
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Fonzie, treated by FidoCure
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Fallon, a dog who was treated by FidoCure's targeted therapies and has since prevented reoccurrence. 
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Froning, a dog whose life was prolonged by FidoCure

As we honor these remarkable veterinarians, we have to acknowledge the imperative work of veterinary clinics using Fidocure that is essential to the research being done in comparative oncology. Fidocure is a revolutionary platform that allows for veterinarians to provide personalized, cutting-edge care for pets battling cancer. By leveraging advanced genomic testing and precision medicine, Fidocure enables veterinarians to help your pets live longer lives. 

With Fidocure, veterinary clinics can:

  1. Access state-of-the-art genomic profiling to identify specific cancer mutations
  2. Recommend targeted therapies based on a pet's individual cancer profile
  3. Monitor treatment progress and adjust therapies as needed
  4. Collaborate with leading oncologists and researchers to stay at the forefront of cancer care
  5. Provide pet parents with a comprehensive, data-driven approach to fighting cancer

By incorporating Fidocure into their practice, veterinarians can offer hope and improved outcomes for pets facing cancer. The platform not only enhances the quality of care but also strengthens the bond between veterinarians, pets, and their families.

So, once again, we extend our deepest appreciation to all the pet parents who submitted their veterinarians for recognition. Your support and trust in their expertise are invaluable to our cause. Together, let us continue to celebrate the extraordinary work of veterinarians and their dedication to combating canine oncology.