Thrive Pet Healthcare and FidoCure® Announce An Expansive Pet Precision Health Partnership

Strategic partnership leveraging FidoCure’s precision medicine platform advances joint vision for providing  personalized, accessible veterinary cancer care

AUSTIN, TX and PALO ALTO, CA  — June, 2022 — Thrive Pet Healthcare, a national veterinary hospital network, and FidoCure, the leading pet precision health company, today announced a strategic partnership to provide personalized, accessible veterinary cancer care. Thrive Pet Healthcare’s nationwide network of over 350 veterinary care clinics will now have access to FidoCure’s cutting edge precision medicine platform and unparalleled algorithmic driven diagnostics. By joining forces, these two patient centric companies are poised to deliver groundbreaking pet specialty cancer care at scale and help improve outcomes in pets with cancer.

With roughly six million new cancer diagnoses in dogs each year, approximately one in three dogs will develop cancer during their lifetime. The FidoCure precision medicine platform, developed to address the vast unmet need for better canine cancer care, uses genomic-guided DNA testing to identify genetic mutations that can cause cancer in dogs and matches them to individualized treatment with targeted therapies.

Access to specialty care is an ongoing issue in veterinary medicine, especially in canine oncology. In some areas, wait times exceed six to eight weeks for oncology appointments. By establishing access to FidoCure within its nationwide ecosystem, Thrive Pet Healthcare can provide cutting-edge cancer care to more dogs than any other veterinary clinic network.

“We are thrilled to partner with FidoCure to offer ground-breaking precision cancer treatment to pet patients in our communities,” said Thrive’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Scott Schatzberg. “Through this powerful partnership, we reinforce our belief in nurturing the animal-human bond and providing exceptional pet healthcare at every stage of a pet’s life. Every cancer case is unique, and now a personalized course of treatment is available to every patient within our nationwide network so that they can thrive.”

Approximately 3,000 dogs diagnosed with cancer have used the FidoCure Next Generation DNA Sequencing Test, resulting in the largest proprietary canine cancer dataset in the world. Sharing outcomes data, an additional element of this partnership, will significantly expand this dataset. Since humans and dogs are both vulnerable to similar genetic mutations that may cause cancer, the growth of this dataset may help not only advance canine oncology research, but research for humans as well.

“We are delighted to be collaborating with one of the world’s most trusted, innovative, and connected pet healthcare networks. This partnership between FidoCure and Thrive Pet Healthcare means that more pet parents will have streamlined access to this cutting-edge cancer care platform, providing the best possible care to dogs that they love,” said Christina K. Lopes, co-founder and CEO of FidoCure.

“It is no secret that wide-scale access to veterinary oncology is sorely needed in the veterinary world. This partnership with FidoCure will enable Thrive Pet Healthcare clinicians across the country to better fulfill our mission of providing comprehensive pet care at every stage of life. As a veterinary oncologist, I’m incredibly excited we can more broadly deliver precision medicine to dogs with cancer. It is essential that the scientific advancements available to humans be made available to pets as well, and now we’re doing just that with this partnership with FidoCure,” said Dr. Mona Rosenberg, Thrive's National Specialty Director of Oncology and Director of Innovation in Clinical Oncology.

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About FidoCure
FidoCure is the first to bring the latest advances in human oncology - individualized, precision medicine - to dogs with cancer. We are a mission driven company that delivers the most sophisticated diagnostics and creates a tailored treatment plan for each dog. Our flagship product, FidoCure® Next Generation DNA Sequencing Test, leverages technologies and therapies approved for human use, with additional data specific to canine cancer. With FidoCure, dogs with cancer receive access to the latest scientific advances in cancer care, from tests to treatment.  FidoCure is backed by premier biotech investors including Polaris Ventures, A16Z, YCombinator and Global Brain. Learn more at