Mesothelioma Case Study: Heidi

With combination therapy that included targeted therapy guided by  FidoCure® genomic sequencing, Heidi has survived over a year following her initial diagnosis of mesothelioma and is still going strong.

Heidi Stone, a 12-year-old female spayed Dachshund, was diagnosed with a heart base mass in November 2020 and was treated with radiation therapy. In January, she developed cardiac tamponade. Surgery was felt to be the only way to prevent recurrent cardiac tamponade secondary to fluid accumulation. She had a subtotal pericardiectomy, and tissue was submitted for histopathology.

Following additional staining, she was ultimately diagnosed with mesothelioma. Her biopsy tissue was also submitted for FidoCure® analysis. While awaiting sequencing results, she received one dose of intracavitary Carboplatin to help her pleural effusion.

Genomic analysis revealed alterations of FLT3 and PTPRJ. Based on these results, Heidi was put on a tyrosine kinase inhibitor in February 2021.  

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