Choosing Love and Compassion

What a week in our country. I can imagine that you may be feeling overwhelmed by the intensity of the news and pictures as I certainly am, as well as by the rapid pace of new information that keeps coming out.

Take a moment for yourself. I would urge you to consider being particularly compassionate to yourself and those around you.  

I recently watched Jeff Weiner, chairman of Linkedin, talk about his compassion practice, and he distilled it down to 5 things:

  1. Daily gratitude practice: being grateful for something each day
  2. Be present to the moment whenever you can
  3. Be helpful to others if you can
  4. Choosing love over being right
  5. Be a spectator to your own thoughts: witnessing yourself versus your thoughts

These principles derived from Buddhist practices are profound and can be life changing. I offer this as something that has been helpful for me. Perhaps it can be for you, too, especially right now.

I resolutely choose the US as my home, despite 3 passports and growing up in 3 countries. I chose the US for the agency this country offers all of us. I still choose America for the creativity, democracy and economic power.

We can be proud of representing the best of America as we wake up every day choosing to solve a big unmet need that impacts millions of families.