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5 Ways FidoCure Can Expand Your Veterinary Practice

Canine cancer is a heartbreaking diagnosis that affects millions of beloved pets worldwide. In fact, it’s one of the biggest unmet needs in veterinary medicine. As advancements in our field continue to evolve, FidoCure emerges as a groundbreaking solution, offering a revolutionary approach to treating canine cancer. By harnessing the power of genomic testing, FidoCure provides targeted therapies that are transforming the landscape of canine cancer care.

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What Every Veterinary Oncologist Needs to Know About Cancer Genomics

Genomics is fast becoming an essential part of veterinary oncology. It touches upon all aspects of practice, from diagnostics to therapeutics. Genetic information can be incredibly useful in terms of making a more accurate diagnosis or making a more precise prognosis, or even determining what therapy to use or what order to use different therapies.

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How Genomic Testing Is Revolutionizing Canine Cancer Treatment

Cancer is one of the biggest unmet needs in the veterinary world, despite the fact that canine cancer research shares a great deal of overlap with human oncology. Genomic testing and targeted therapies have been used for years in human cancer treatment, so it’s not surprising that recent advancements in genomic testing have proven valuable in the field of canine cancer research and treatment. FidoCure, a leading pioneer in this field, is transforming the way veterinarians approach cancer treatment for our beloved canine companions. In this blog, we will explore the cutting-edge benefits of genomic testing and how FidoCure is revolutionizing canine cancer treatment while also providing much-needed support and hope for families.

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Delivering Difficult News: How to Talk to Pet Parents About Canine Cancer

As veterinarians, our work involves a wide range of emotions. We may experience the joy of treating a sick pet and seeing them recover, but we may also have to deliver the devastating news of a cancer diagnosis. It can be difficult to break such news to pet  parents who have a strong emotional bond with their dogs. However, as veterinary healthcare providers, it is our responsibility to help our clients through these tough times.

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Hemangiosarcoma: Advancing canine cancer treatment with targeted therapies

Canine cancer diagnoses can be devastating and demoralizing. While research and studies for human cancer have brought us a long way when it comes to treatment and instilling hope for our loved ones, the same can’t necessarily be said for the world of pet medicine. Despite this, there are many passionate veterinarians and vet oncologists out there who are helping to move the needle on pet cancer research and treatment. Taking cues from the progress made on human cancer treatment, FidoCure uses genomic testing to match dogs with targeted therapies for their specific cancer profile. Not only does this process increase the chances of a better prognosis, but it helps vets and vet oncologists deduce effective therapies for future canine cancer cases. FidoCure has already proven that a prognosis can be improved using targeted therapies. Take hemangiosarcoma for instance…

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